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25 December 2022 – an update

It has been an exceptional year. I wrote about planting an organic vegetable garden with the heirloom/native seeds, how I tended it, learned the ropes of sustainable agriculture and founded a local seed bank. Under this nonprofit movement I have been able to share my collected seeds with 10 other interested families this year and 20 others will follow in January. Hoping they will grow, nurture, multiply and share the seeds with the others next year.

This year I grew potatoes, onions, pumpkins, 3 different sorts of beans, tomatoes, cucumber, chard, small carrots and some paprika. Most plants grew beautifully and were reason for a year long joy and happiness. The hardships and pleasures of this endeavor have been documented here on

In my „previous life”, I was talking change management, in this, I have demonstrated the best of it.

It is my plan to tell you more about the true change management shortly, what it means and how I experienced it firsthand. But for now, and for the Serbian speakers, you can look back at my 2022 via blogs.

Wish you Happy Holidays and the best 2023!


If you are thinking of a 2022 charity project and would like to donate for a cause that is ecological, supports the local community and helps take care of the current world issues, think of this project.

We have started an eco-friendly, agricultural, non-profit initiative in the West of Serbia, in a mountain region 200 km down south from Belgrade. We have got a plot of land that has not been worked on since the 1980s. With the help of our immediate neighbors, a couple in their 50s, we have planted some native, old varieties of vegetables and grains and have formed a sizable family garden.

The land, the project and the website are called Motika.

In order to empower farmers in the region, support sustainable agriculture and improve the local community, on the website we have offered a few ways for people to join in, donate or come and visit.

When we started with the project in January, we had no idea how relevant this topic would be so soon after. The threat of food shortage and difficult logistics are becoming our reality.

You can adopt a crop or plant a fruit tree too. If you are interested in donating to the local Serbian agriculture scene, contact me. If you are an expert in agriculture, spend summer with us and show us your skills. Come visit us even if you were not.

Instagram profile can be followed via: